We’re in Vogue!

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Thanks to Natasha Mayne, we are in Vogue.

When we hear the word Vogue, what comes to mind is luxury, glamour, fashion, and style. So, when one of the Vogue Attorney Natasha Mayne, said that her earrings from Queen Essentials were absolutely GORGEOUS or GOR -GE –USSSS as she pronounced them. I knew I was on to something.

If you don’t know the vogue attorney, then get to know her. Natasha Mayne is a powerhouse Queen, a mother, attorney, storyteller, and greatness coach, and a style icon if you ask me. She loves beautiful and luxurious clothing and fine garments and has a serious eye for style, which confirms that if she’s rocking with us, then Queen Essentials is where it’s at! Plus! Who doesn’t want earrings like Natasha Mayne?!

Earrings that are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, or GOR -GE –USSSS as Natasha Mayne would pronounce the style, are now available!
There is never a wrong time to treat yourself to stunning jewelry.
Get your pair of GORGEOUSSSS earrings from Queen Essentials today.

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