Earrings that made everyone said WOW!

"Every woman who wants to feel sexy and confident and like the showstopper in the room should own a pair of Queen Essentials."
- Yanique DaCosta 


As a creative director, brand development specialist, fine artist, and overall GIRL BOSS, Yanique Dacosta has learned that appearance is a major part of building her brand and business. So when Yanique is networking, meeting potential multi-million-dollar clients, and closing deals, she wears her Queen Essentials because they help her stand out and exude confidence without saying a word. As she so famously stated, “I wear my Queen Essentials when I want people to see me and be like DAMN, WTF does she do?” And that’s the type of energy we’re on!

Watch on as Yanique shares her take statement earrings. 

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Queen Essentials is all about helping women own their confidence and express their individuality authentically. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you show up as your best self, and when you show up as your best self, you WIN!


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