According to a Stylist: Head Turning Styles for The Everyday Woman with TovahSanCouture'


Women should always have a variety of looks in their closets—casual, dressy, and everything in between. You want to suit different kinds of occasions that can take you from day to night effortlessly. 

That is why we met with Style Expert Tovah Sanderson to learn how to create effortless looks for the everyday woman. Read on as Tovah shares some on-trend fashion staples for everyday women. From sexy to modest, this style inspiration will have you looking fashionable and ready to impress!


Look One: Daytime Chic



This outfit is all about texture and vibrant colors! A long mustard yellow maxi dress paired with blue heels gives this look a pop of color. And the fringe earrings accentuate the neck, providing a fierce look. This combination is a statement, especially for the woman who pins or pulls back their hair and rocks a shortcut. Complete the look by adding gold bracelets and a clear purse. 


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Look Two: Fun & Flirty Monochromatic 


Try an earth-toned monochromatic look in leather, which gives everyday women an edge. Start with a leather blazer, skirt, and cami bodysuit. Don't be afraid to show some skin, and pair the skirt off with thigh-high boots. Add accessories like the Kayla earring and bracelet set and a brown clutch, and your outfit is complete. This look is flirty and fun and can be easily replicated using earth tones to create an effortlessly stylish look.


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Look Three: Modestly Spicy Casual 



This outfit says a lot without showing a lot, giving the women the ability to show sexiness is from within while looking fabulous! It's a casual yet spicy look for the woman who wants to be sexy and modest because it's possible to do both! This outfit is perfect for brunch or girls' day/night out. The Green turtle neck with flared sleeves pairs well with long form-fitted mom jeans adds some spice to the outfit with the Fatima earrings, clear heels, and multi-color purse.  


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Bonus: Chanel Perfume



Meet Style Expert: Tovah Sanderson


Tovah Sanderson always had an eye for fashion and style. She was born in New York City, where fashion is limitless. Born from Guyanese parents, Tovah comes from a background steeped in texture, culture, and style. Growing up, she watched her mother and aunts sew and create clothing, and while other children played with their dolls, she made clothes using material from her father's old work uniforms. Tovah's love for fashion started early and manifested into a fashion career that led to many fruitful encounters. Such as an internship with designer Fe Noel, where she learned different aspects of the fashion field. She also worked behind the scenes on the Kanye West Yeezy Season 4 with a team called Ground Crew.

Tovah took a multi-dimensional stylist and created her clothing line specializing in custom resort wear, black tie events apparel, and pastoral wear. Her clients are delighted with her attention to detail in making them look attractive and comfortable. She favors styling that depicts a royal-like presence that illuminates a room and serves as a reminder to her clients that they are nothing less than royalty. She believes Queens can be sexy and classy and that Kings should govern their kingdom with style!


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