Want to be your most fashionable self? Work with a fashion stylist

Fashion stylist make your favorite celebs look as fabulous as they do. Stylist know how to coordinate all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetic and make them look as fashionable as possible. When it comes to fashion, they’re up on the latest trends and can show you how to turn any outfit from drab to fab in minutes. So, when a stylist speaks, its time to take notes!

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Kinky Fashionista a New York based wardrobe and personal stylist to chat about her take on statement earrings.

She loves unique earrings that fits her style but some deal breakers for her when it comes to statement earrings are if they’re too heavy, if the price doesn’t match the value, and if they don’t make a statement.


@Kinky Fashionista wearing Nina statement earrings 

The Kinky Fashionista loves to wear her statement earrings any chance she gets. Whether out on a date with her hubby, or hanging out with the girls, her statement earrings are never too far away.   

We don’t know about you, but we can totally relate. Watch the full interview below. 

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